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American Heart Association (AHA) Programs: (ACLS, BLS, PALS, EKG/Pharmacology, Instructor Courses)

American Heart Association (AHA): Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Click Here

American Heart Association (AHA): Basic Life Support (BLS) For Healthcare Providers: Click Here

American Heart Association (AHA): Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS): Click Here

ECG & Emergency Pharmacology Review Course (ACLS/PALS preparation course): Click Here

Other Programs

Advanced Nursing Skills: Click Here

Aromatherapy in Healthcare: Implementation of Essential Oils; a Positive Impact on Spirit, Health, & Wellness: Click Here

Cardiac Surgery & Cardiac Medicine Review: Click Here

Cardiac Surgery Essentials: Click Here

Chest X-Ray Interpretation for RNs & APNs: Click Here

Clinical Skills Review (1-day lecture): Click Here

Clinical Skills Review (2-day program): Click Here

Conquer: The NCLEX Review (1-day review): Click here

Critical Care (CCRN) Review (1-Day Cram!): Click Here

ECG/Telemetry Certification Course (5-Week Course): Click Here

Emergency Nursing (CEN) Review: Click Here

Fundamental Critical Care Support Course – (FCCS): Click Here

Geriatric Palliative Care: Click Here

IV Therapy Certification Course: Click Here

Legal: Click Here

Managing Patient Emergencies: Rapid Response, Code Blue, Bedside Emergencies Seminar: Click here

Pain Management in Long-Term Care: Click Here

Pediatrics: Online School Nurse Emergency Care Course (SNECC): Click Here

Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergencies: for Out-of-Hospital Providers (in-person workshop/seminar): Click Here

Pilot Training: Ground School: Click Here

Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC): Click Here

Trauma Nursing (TCRN) Review: Click Here

Wound Care/Trends in Wound Care: Review and Updates: Click Here

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